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Generally the yachts are based either in Marmaris, Gocek or Bodrum. All are accessible by international travellers via Dalaman International airport – Marmaris being 75 minutes and Gocek being 20 minutes drive away and Bodrum Airport, 30 minutes from Bodrum port.

If you wish to finish in a different port from that of embarkation, this arrangement may be possible, as long as it allows sufficient time for the yacht to return to their base for the next charter. The client will be charged a delivery fee to cover the yacht’s lost charter time and expenses to get back to its base in Marmaris. These fees are confirmed according to each request and differ from Gulet to Gulet.


Fehiye A pleasant bustling town, this is an ideal place to replenish supplies whilst exploring the market and interesting stores. Anchor at one of…
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