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The small old town harbour is overlooked by the medieval castle and surrounded by the castle walls. The old part of Antalya with its Ottoman houses is undergoing a successful program of restoration and the area offers a number of restaurants and cafes. There is also an interesting bazaar situated just above the port. Antalya also boasts an excellent museum of archaeology which should not be missed. Sites near Antalya :- Termessos – A Lycian city fortress in the hills to the N.W of Antalya. The sight is very picturesque with sarcophagi lying everywhere.

Perge – 18km N.E of Antalya. The birthplace of mathematician ‘Apollonius Perge’ whose work enabled Kepler to work out the laws of planetary motion. Ruins include a main street, Agora, theatre, stadium, city walls and gates. Aspendos – 46km East of Antalya. Remains of a Roman aqueduct and the agora. Also an impressive theatre. Karain Cave – 30km from Antalya is a cave from the Paleolithic age (50,000 BC) and the site of the oldest settlement in Turkey. Waterfalls – The Upper Duden waterfalls (14km to N.E) are unique because you can walk behind the cascade. The Lower Duden waterfalls plunge straight into the sea and offer an excellent view.